"This Is Not My Beautiful House! This Is Not My Beautiful Life!" printed in New York Magazine April 16th 2007

"Because a Logo is Not Enough" Critical Shopper, New York Times, April 12, 2007

"Save a Face, Save the World," Critical Shopper March 15th 2007 New York Times

New York Times Critical Shopper: "Outfitters to Presidents, Preppies, Me" February 22nd 2007

Killing Cupid: How Advertisers are exploiting your hatred of valentines day, Radar Online February 14 2007

The Gawker Underminer February 14th 2007

Duff, a scene written for David Schweizer's Versailles theatrical project, Feb 2007

Kiehls Critical Shopper printed in the New York Times January 18th 2007

The Gawker Underminer Jan 17th 2007

The Gawker Underminer Jan 31st

I'm Sick Of People Shaving Their Pubes! In Out Magazine, November 2006

Stultification: How Sweet It Is, Printed in the New York Times, Style Section, December 24th

Paranoid in The City November 2006

The Gay James Bond - October 2006

Glass Houses

Camp Husky Mountain

Are You Pablo? written for Nerve.com November 2005

FAME COSTS - appeared in My Comrade in 2005/6

WIpe off the Lavender Face - appeared on Salon.com's "Dream TV," August 2006

I Remember the Squeezebox Days -- Printed in Blackbook's 10th anniversary Fall issue, 2006

Piece on the art of Daniel Joseph, appeared in print at his show at Buia gallery, July 2006

No Joke: Straight Comics Playing Gays for Laughs - printed in OUT magazine, September 2006

The Underminer Visits with David Blaine, printed in Guilt and Pleasure magazine, Fall 2006, The Magic Issue

I Heart Wang

White Noise - printed in Blackbook Film issue Summer 2006

Tiempo Funky - printed in Blackbook Summer travel issue 2006

Letter to Chico - Out magazine, June 2006

Help Me Bisexual Guys - printed on Nerve, Summer 2005

Market Apocalypse - printed in Blackbook, winter 2006

Reality Bit - published in Blackbook, Winter 2005/06

My First Internet "Date" - for Nerve's First Time series, but killed

In Defense of Tom and Katie - published in Details, March issue 2006

Goodbye Cargo- almost published in NY Mag and Nerve, but killed

BUY OR DIE Printed in Blackbook Spring 2005

Sex Inspectors printed on Nerve.com, Fall 2005

shopping...appeared in Paper Mag summer 2005

First Love

Two new gay reality shows...

The Underminer's literary debut



The New Yorker's Diary

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