The New Yorker's Diary

I am printed in the New York Observer this week...the "New Yorker's Diary" -- it's an essay about bombs and fear and my usual paranoia. I can't believe i found a place for it.....they have it online to at

You know how it is when you get things in the spirit of our over-edited age, i am giving you the Director's Cut additional final paragraph. Read the article and then just simply tack this on. Or don't! It's the world's first DVD-article. As I learned from mapping a blast, I can hope that the bomb "they" use will be huge and strong to cause more damage than a megaton surface blast. I pray this isn't true, but maybe in our weird world of reality viewing, we New Yorkers will be The Day After -- a televised event for the rest of the world to watch. If that happens then I can only hope the horror of it will display, finally, the Sum of All Fears, and force our government, our "enemies," and the world at large to direct their stupid, fear-making, weapon-wielding energy towards peace, unity and love. And I mean that in the cheesiest, most hippy-dippy way. That is what I will imagine if I am xeroxed into an outline on the wall. be well everybody, happy xomike

-March 2003

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