The Gawker Underminer February 14th 2007

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“David Lehre, the young director anointed by the press as an unlikely phenom and a kid on the fast track, is giving a group of actors a piece of unwelcome news. Dressed in swimsuits and T-shirts, they are standing in a park in a Detroit suburb on a fall day so cold that their bare arms and legs look like chicken skin. ‘I want you to be blasted by a power washer,’ Mr Lehre says.”

Off to the side, out of camera range there’s another audience, a pair of preadolescent boys who have stopped to watch the goings-on.

‘If the kids don’t leave, we have a hit show,’ says Scott Vener, Mr Ledhre’s manager and executive producer of this project…

Mr Lehre, 22, has been an Internet phenomenon…a college dropout who still lives with his parents, [he has] a deal with Fox to produce his own half-hour late-night television show.”

NY Times, Sunday February 11, 2007

Hi there, you! Hey Happy Birthday! Did you do anything special? No? Just stayed in and sort of took stock of your life? I know. It’s a milestone! You are 35! You are officially out of the 18-34 age demographic that everyone is looking to! The MySpace generation you are not! Nope! Youre old!

Oh come on I’m just teasing.

You put something up on You Tube! That is so cute!

I mean I hope you aren’t trying to get some sort of TV deal out of it. I am afraid its too late for us. Its sort of like if you aren’t already successful in the entertainment industry by the time you are 34, then you may as well move upstate and open an antique shop and forget your dreams of expressing yourself.

I’m just so glad I decided a long time ago that I wanted something more out of life? I don’t really TRY to mecome successful. Frankly I just invited magic into my life. And that’s basically how I found Viggo, and my passion projects, and my converted barn in Rhinebeck. I just let love, my self-sufficient entertainment career, and realestate happen instead of burning with ambition about it?

Maybe you should try YouTubeSenior. It’s a new site for people over the age of 30 who want to share their old, weird, long format lives with each other.

Yes, the "Fourth Screen" wave is just the same as its always been...all these really young straight white boys making money by farting and stuff. The victim will be turning 35 and putting up his first You Tube clips..."That is so great! You are now in the 35 - 50 demographic which totally will be underserved by the industry!" that kind of thing...

Like Daniel Lehre for example. He is going to be the next Letterman

Don’t make something polemical or complainy like you always do. Smart is stupid.

Here, instead, watch this hilarious video of a baby enjoying his fart! It’s hilarious!

The cyberbullies of TK just cut a deal with Universal to make a full length film. Its Borat meets Jackass meets rape camp. Its going to be groundbreaking. Their first gag is to go to recently jittery Boston with a fake nuclear bomb and watch the entire city freak out!

Then they are going to pretend to infect a sri lankan village with the rhotavirus.

You know what is really hot right now? Cyberbullies!

I know two of them who recently scalped a young violin prodigy with her own hair band.

Their antics are now going to become a major motion picture starring Hugh Dancy and Anna Farris!

Wait what are you saying? Yours speaking so slowly. I need my information now. Can you text it to me?

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