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Excerpts from "Mike Albo" and "Spray" appear in Extreme Exposure: Solo Texts from the Twentieth Centry, edited by Jo Bonney, published by TCG "Makos" in Queer 13: Gay and Lesbian Writers Recall Seventh Grade, edited by Cliff Chase, published by Rob Weisbach Books "Glenn Horton" and "The Fudge Jungle" in the latest issue of the Columbia Journal on the web [i know i should eventually get the specific url, but for now...]: stim.com -- "High School," "Steve Austin" "Fake ID's," "The History of Berets," "The Intl. Security Convention Expo," "Witchcraft," "Diary of a Kombucha.". Salon, various reviews girlson.com, various editorials Word.com (now defunct) "Chicago Diary," "Horoscopes by Randy Lavender," "Phone Numbers," "Espresso Enema Grande," poetry Full Bleed (Winter 1993, poetry); Washington Review (October/November 1992, poetry); Open 24 Hours (Winter 1992, poetry); Charlottesville Review (Spring 1991, poetry)

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