Detractor Death Ray

Once again I am going to bitch about someone who criticizes my Crit Shoppers. I swear i wont make this a habit. Its just that this is pretty much my only outlet, and I would rather just get out my annoyed aggression here than to write commentary on other peoples blogs.

Its very ACLUey...the only way to fight speech is more speech.

But anyway ths little prig has this wonderful, delightful blog where he discusses the openings of stores and such. Its a pleasant, fine, blog....but he has some sort of gay-on-gay hatred for me. He totally overly niggles every single thing i write. Here's what happens every week i appear: The queen makes some comment about how overly personal I get, how i am not saying anything new, and then he restates everything i say. It's funny ... because at first he LOVED me, which was a total warning sign. I have dated and worked with enough fashion queens to know how that turns out: If you are fawned over by a fashion queen, be assured he will transmute his original feelings of affinity into hatred. "I LIVE for leopard print ew i HATE anything leopard!"

Maybe he is resentful of me for some reason? I wish he understood a few things about me. One, I am POOR and i am a writer, and this is the one consistent job i have right now (have you ever been a freelance writer? not easy) and I swear if i didnt have this gig i wouldnt even have any clothes to write about because i would be living in a barrel and wearing it for my wardrobe. While i am doing this column i am trying my best to write other things and perform and recycle and collaborate and support my friends and give back to the earth.

Two, despite common belief, i dont have an expense account for the column. I spend my own hard-earned money, and do not have any alliegances or affiliations with any fashion house.

Thirdly, you little persnickity turd, i feel like its my duty to give cheaper priced, more mainstream merchandise a fair shake, because not everyone in America slavers over a 12,000 dollar Bottega woven leather arm warmer.

Why do i still read his mincy, lemony blog? I guess i am still looking for approval, as if i was still in AP English and seeking confirmation from my overworked teacher that i was a unique individual and not a piece of foam. I am always worried that i am not human and i am actually a piece of useless foam, dont you?

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