Jerome Kerziel you Tempestuous Stud

Jerome Kerziel you Tempestuous Stud

Alright I'll be the one who says it....this Jerome Kerviel guy is totes hot!!! I know I’m basing it on that one infamous headhot. But hello? Don’t tell me you don’t do it every day when you scope people out on Facebook! Look at this guy: burning slitty eyes, handsome face, and a well-placed collarbone that I bet leads to a kind of hot bod.

I know, I know, I have bad taste in men, but I have to say I would fall under the spell of this questionably "brilliant" bank crook any day. And it seems that the poor, jilted men and women at Societe Generale have bad taste in men too. At least it seems that way -- they act as they were living their lovely, innocent Hedge Fund lives and then -- wham! they were totally blindsided!

Of course, any day now, investigators may uncover Kerviel is the unwitting scapegoat foisted in front of the world to take the blame for a secret nefarious cabal of power.

Wait. Did I just write a treatment for a lame post-oscar season thriller starring Ryan Phillipe and John Voight?

Kute Kerviel is like someone you date who you believe is really gorge because he has piercing, furious, blue gaslight eyes. You mistake his insane glares as passion when he looks at you. Then, after you have seen him and slept with him a number of times , he has a strange tantrum at a waiter in a restaurant, or says something ominous like: "In the Army I learned how to kill with my forearm."

After a couple of these neon-bright warning signs, you think "Oh wait, that wasn't attraction I was feeling, it was my damaged sense of intuition telling me he is a remorseless psychopath!" and then you spend all winter avoiding his calls to cover up what you thought was just a casual friends-with-benefits kind of relationship to get you through the depressing winter. Or, in this case, you spend one day trying to sell off 7.2 billion euro shares. (Oops! Oh darnit! Add 2.05 billion in subprime-related loss!)

In conclusion, Societe General needs to either get through its naive-stage, admit that Hedge Funders like themselves have been greedily making zillions of dollars exploiting the lower and middle class, or they need to hire me as their Chief of Personnel. At this point I have become pretty good at recognizing wackballs like Jerome in under two dates. People like me could save this scrambling French bank billions. My asking salary would be under a million. I'm cheap.

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