With Notes of 9-11

Omg this is totally random but i am sitting here drinking wine and writing (Yay! I have a really healthy career path don't i?) and i am trying to actually ENJOY the wine instead of sucking it down like i always do. (Side note: why, after all these years being a wine drinking, have i developed ZERO pallete? Pallet? Palette?)
And i sniffed up the wine (Called Chocolan, a cab from Chile -- embarrassingly sold on the name: "omg! chocoalte and wine mixed together!") and i swear to you there was this strange burning-char-computer-death-September 11th smell coming off the wine.

Maybe i am having some sort of boujie (booozzhhy? boughzie? biioouuuzhzhzhzhieeee?) post traumatic buried reaction. "Yes, and this classic wine has notes of 9-11, mixed with dusty gravel and horse ejaculate."

This leads me to tell you that i am working on a series of commercial parodies with my two supremely talented Pupu Platter co-horts, Sandra Bauleo and Gina Vetro. I am directing! well kind of, unless everyone decides i am retarded. One of the commercials, is a for Urino Wine. The other three are just as hideously great. Those women are so damn funny and talented, i am so excited to do this.

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