I am an essentialist apparently

holy cachongas...god i almost became a wackball lurking commenter sock puppet for myself on this website Racked.com....my latest crit shopper about Muji caused the most surprising stir among people who said i was invoking orientalist essentialism by saying that i 'love the japanese' and that i describe the storepeople as having 'fat american fingers'...and that this sets up some kind of racist dichotomy....below is what i was about to say. THANK GOD i didnt post this because i sound so simpering:

"so sorry to evoke any kind of calcified idenity politics!!! I was practically steeped in PC awareness in college from my seminar upon seminar of literature and religion classes taught by feminist assistant professors. I'll try to be better next time...but -- isnt the ingenious design of Japan exactly what Muji is invoking? Why is pointing that out inherently essentializing? just a question to consider...thank you thank you for reading..."

thank double god i have a website so i can just get out my thoughts to the one person who reads this: me! And you know what i want to say to these commenters? EAT ME! What the eff is wrong with you people? Do you have any kind of sense of humor!? Do you know what kind of delicately oversensitive FREAK i am about everything!? I LOVE the Japanese. I also love the French. And I love the Argentinians. Is it less offensive if i said "i love Japanese"? is the "the" what is bothering you? You know I could continue on my cognac-laced tirade this evening, but i think i better stop. Maybe i'll take some Cymbalta.


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