undulating venezuelan Mary

i am here in Los Roques...an archipelago of islands off the coast of Venezuela...and i had to write an entry into my dwindling website because hey when in life will i be able to do this again? sitting next to me is Angelo, who runs Posada Acuarela, where i am staying. He is among other things a magic cook. This place is so lovely. We are staying in La Palma, a room with a palm tree sprouting out of the bathroom, and bouganvillea (sp? i am retarded) trees that hang over the room...steep steps lead up to a terrace. and the blossoms fall and scatter and you sometimes think they are lizards. I am here with Cary Curran - actress singer dancer and wildchild. I invited her along (i am writing about this place for the NY Times) because i knew if i didnt i would sit in my room and write about how i am not in love. Thank god she is here because she is a true catalyzer. Mostly because she is a blond knockout and all the guys double over themselves trying to please her, so we have been having a much better time than i would have as a single gay man who in the outer world must be surreptitious and quiet about what i want and how to show my eroticism...

Anyway Los Roques is beautiful. We are here during a festival of the Virgin. Last night there was a procession and on these platforms the locals had created doilied and tacky virgin marys ...decorated in pinks and frills and crowns. They stop in front of every edifice with a Mary altar and sing and make these undulating motions with their little platforms. I dont mean to sound like some sort of British anthropologist...i think their mix of sacred and profane is much more striking than our version of a first-week september holiday, known in my boring country as Labor Day...how dry and boring!

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