interracial facial

hi all

while i am up here in the woods, i have been a little slow in ruminating on here. not that i havent been ruminating though!

I will write more later, but i thought i would post a VERY embarrassing but hilarious thing that happened to me during my last solo show. I wrote the following misspelled text to my friend describing it...i just think its sort of funny and will make you laugh:

There's this really sweet guy i know who runs this reading/comedy series and he asked me to do it recently but I couldnt because of the show. So i emailed him and said, sorry i cant, and he responded, oh yes, i am going to your show!

So i was just being funny, and said off the cuff "I am gonna give you an interracial gay facial when i see you!...knowing he was totally straight, but might enjoy the 'transgressive' humor ("ha ha a gay guy saying that to a straight guy, ha ha,") you know)..he sent back a cheery , "ha ha, cant wait, I only had two this week, ha ha- " reply.

So the opening night of this show there is a little reception. And as you know when you are doing a show you are, like, Jon Belushi-level WIRED feel like an organic Chris Farley...especially afteropening night when you have all this positive feeling that you can actually communicate and there are other people out there, blah blah "the Great Sublimity of Theatre" blah blah.

So I'm saying hello and thank you and thank you and see him and he says "I have to go, but i just wanted to say that was great," and I scream with post show glee: "AREN'T YOU GOING TO STAY FOR YOUR FACIAL?!?!?!?!!?!?!"

Aaaaaah!!! I totally cringed right after it too! I don't know why I had to say that!!!

xx m

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