Golden Thread Head

so here i am up in the woods at an artist's colony...

I have this amazing studio space with lots of flat surfaces. Its like a dream to have an office where you can put out all your projects and thoughts and tiny tatters of ambitiona nd direction out. Thats basically all i have done so far, since i arrived on Thrusday (well, that and finishing up four articles for various mags and papers so i can feel like i am making money). I shipped three heavy boxes worth of notes, scribbles, moleskine meanderings, spirals full of thoughts and diaries. I am hoping that somehow, if i keep moving things around and connecting the dots between all these words (lines and observations and thought-motes i have had for the past seven years, mostly written on the subway or on the street or things i have overheard at bars and lobbies) I may weave together a coherent story. Its sort of what happened with Hornito, so it isnt out of the realm of possibility.

Its like i am hoping to become one of those beleaguered women in mythology who sit in a room and magically spin straw into golden thread.

But its good to talk to you, oh chums in the bluish landscape of the internet. Hopefully i will take a moment now and then to record my progress. It could be an interesting look at how something is created...or how i finally go insane...

more soon...

xx m

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