The Next Book

It surges in and out of me like allergies, but i think, finally i have grabbed onto an anchor or tentpole or whatever for a new book...I'll be focusing on it in August when i go away to a loony cool artists colony that looks like the set of Clue. But this is one thematic principle of it.

im sure there is an academic word for it...but in the largest sense, the hegemonic or historicismal or whatever, we have to look at how our capitalist system is shaping our art and the way we express ourselves. There is always the pressure, now, to achieve success, or hope that our creations will trip us into a system of Oprah, where we exist and spin gold forever. We live in a conflux of fame and money-getting and advertising promotional hype and they all work together...someone who doesnt admit that they feel the pressure of success (or our modern interpretation of it) is lying. I want to be honest about how I may feel i have to change or shift my emotions or expressions so as to appeal to a "demographic" or "mainstream audience"...the voice of this book will be constantly shifting perspective and appearance...

like an avatar of Orlando but covered in advertising....

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