Noahs Arc, the best worst show on TV

With music by my side, i broke the color lines years ago, so i feel incredibly racist even saying something like "I love black guys!" because i can say with a smug self-congratulating air that i have never even considered race a factor in attraction, and find myself hot for probably too many different types of gentlemen (for example i floated in a cinematic crush last night when i watched House of Flying Daggers and saw Takeshi Kaneshiro) but all that overdefensive "I am not a fetishizing racist whore" talk aside, I am SO in love with Noah's Arc -- the black gay Sex in The City drama-comedy on LOGO. Have you even seen this show? It's about a lovelorn aspiring writer named Carrie Bradsh-- oh i mean Noah, and his three friends: Alex, a sassy HIV counselor, Ricky, a sex addicted menswear clothing store owner, and Chase, a stiff professor who just moved in with his husband and kid and is destined to live a horribly boring life.

Its terribly directed, the writing is stiff, the storylines feel like they were written in two hours at Buzz Coffee, and the poor actors are trying their best to have chemistry but are finding it hard because they walk into rooms that look like the same set from the previous room but there is just a new coffee table and a few different photos hanging on the walls. The actors all seem slightly dizzy and exhausted like they just got up too fast from doing bench presses at Equinox. But they are all so cute and two dimensional and i truly cannot stop watching it. Despite its thin artistic value, it is totally wholly new and original television to have two mocha men kiss and frot on a clean Restoration Hardware bed while smooth urban-lite music plays. In some ways it's a period piece: of Los Angeles long ago in 2004, which is the only way i can explain the Noah's constant use of arm-warmers or sex addict Ricky's faux-hawk. Or are they still popular in the West Coast? It is also an interesting study of the gym-enlarged body. Everyone on the show has a HUGE upper body and teeny tiny butts and legs. The best example of this is Quincy, Noah's recent boyfriend. This incredibly tall, beautiful man with a lulling, solemn blacktor voice, shaped like a hulk, with a waist that would use a tightly cinched belt.

One exception of a more natural body could be Alex, who is widely set and round-faced and extremely fun to watch. And Wade, the one and off-again love interest of Noah, who is totally plain old hot and magnetic, although he really cannot act, at all.

Oh god i dont mean to be mean. i love this show. But there are such strange empty acting and directorial moments that i sometimes wonder if the creators and actors are being held back and hobbled by the network...that perhaps they want really badly to stretch the storylines a little...but there is someone with a clipboard standing over them, saying it has to be a show for the 'general' - white middle class.....I like to give them the benefit of the doubt, because there are a few moments of great timing, when things seem to be on a roll, but then it slips back into this strangely forced realm...

Anyway i could go on and on about this show...and secretly would love to write the third season for them. I would make it more true to the sickness that is gay city life: have Ricky sleep with Wade, Noah go through a horrible sexual dry spell (it happens!), Alex and Chase unknowingly flirt online and send eachother nude headless all, way more twisted, which, sadly, is way more realistic...

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