Art is giving me an empty marshmallow feeling

here's a creepy, interesting quote in the NY Times today:

"It's a good moment for Andy Warhol," said Charlotte Abbott, a senior editor at Publishers Weekly, noting the many recent Warhol books. "Culturally, he is still on top," she said. "There is more of a rebellious New Yorky underground feeling coming back into the zeitgeist — or maybe it's just a nostalgia for all that."

After you read this, did you, also, feel like there was this giant slightly sweetened but unsatisfying marshmallow of air inside of you? What does this mean? Sure Mr Warhol would be so excited and happy to know that all his work and imagery was being sold in numerous multiples of itself, but why do i feel so empty?

You know me, I love and hate our consumer culture so much that it is all I talk about. But I am freaked out, more and more, that there is no way in our culture to experience ANYTHING that isnt somehow tied up with commerce: tickets to the Guggenheim, Museum Shops, postcards of Rothko's, Art Fairs and Art consultants, downloads and t-shirt reprints.

I guess this is why I am still a member of the Lower Middle Class, that I can't seem to mindlessly embrace the system. Not that I havent tried. i went to LA last week to pitch a TV show, and I am trying to move into writing for the small screen. (I cant handle the low pay and unreliability of magazines anymore! At least in the TV medium you may get fucked over a lot, but you are paid highly for it.)

I have said this many times, but I always think about this sign I saw in a photograph of the WTO Riots in Seattle in 2000. (1999?) -- I may be misquoting the sign, but i remember it saying something like "There has got to be another way to live" or "There is another way to live."

OK, Warhol won the great My Work Sells More Than Anyone's/Art And Commerce Are The Same Thing Award. Now what?

I want to see something be successful that isn't aunctioned at Sotheby's for a historically large sum. I don't want to sound like I am a money-hater or afraid of green. Suze Orman and books like "Get Yourself Out of Debt" (I read a lot of these titles when I was in debt, which, not counting Student Fucking Loans I am no longer, thank Goddess) always say how hatred of money and distrust of things attached to money are only signs of insecurity and anxiety over your own issues with success and self-sufficiency. I know, I know. Money has no power it is a tool, it is something you can use, it doesnt control you , you control it, etc etc etc.

I just simply think, now, in our Warhol Orman Era, that it would be nice to see a space in the world where it doesn't have to be worshipped as the essential amino acid of everything.

Here's a test: try to think of something, anything, that can be popular or successful without having money attached to it in some way. It's impossible. Why?

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