its been a while to say the least.

its been a while to say the least. Since last i wrote i got a job at CARGO magazine, working every damn day in an office, shilling for the Man. It has been such a huge huge experience. I HATE the office, but i kind of adore everyone i work with, because we are all desperate for a sense of family and community in our fractured world and it seems the only place we can find it is in the dry airy flourescence of an office. I also got kidney stones, and sick several times...I feel insanely tired all the time and cannot excercise as much so i feel all gross and inactive. Although my technique for trying hard to keep a snse of strength is to do 400 sit ups, 110 handstand pushups and 100 pushup-pushups every morning. Its perhaps the only thing that has kept me from having the body of Bob Newhart.

So so much to say about work and the workworld. I have been simmering in the epicenter of cuntsumerism for a year, writing about elbow patched sweaters and 950 dollar shoes and Balenciaga handbags for your girlfriend. Its all so amazing. i know more about fashion than i ever thought i would, and also have a tremendous awestruck respect for magazine editors and how the fuck they/we can make these little complex organisms of conntrated advertising work.

My new book (isnt it weird to say that? there's more than one!) comes out in February. The Galley is out now! The Underminer -- I love it and am so happy about it and feel immense and proud and so happy to do somethign with Virginia, my soulmate of life...I think you'll really like's at least an attempt to singe the expensive wallpaper of our lives. I cant say it offers an alternative to this fuming Pilates Ball we are trapped within, but it burns and criticizes our unhappy times and the vile, selfish overpromotional assholes that bring these times upon us.

I always get in slight arguements with my friend Larry , who is ever the optimist that the "revolution" is right around the corner, that all this will change, this high-rent geodesic dome...i tend to think it is all powerful and we are sadly stuck having to watch Linsey Lohan's breasts increase, but Larry thinks they will pop, and that we can actually wrest the earth from the destroyers and recreate a healthier system. I want to believe him i do i do....

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