Oh my god

Oh my god do i have the lamest website or what? I know i need to keep this more up to date and tell you of my comings and goings. There is so much to say, except the two most important things are :

#1) I feel a HUGE sense of optimism for not just me but for the earth for the first time since September 10th 2001. i dont want to jinx it but I think it is time for us wandering, wild eyed dreamers of a floral future to wrest control from the clenching Bush Administration of the Heart.

#2) I am doing a solo gig in November. I am trying to put the info into the calendar page here but seem to be having some difficulties. Gimme a day or two, but please please come...its November 5, 12, and 19th at Teatro La Tea theater in the clemente Soto Velez Center in the LES. (107 Suffolk Street between delancey and rivington) at 8.30. reservations can be made at or by emailing .

This will be my greatest hits show...my "please someone help me move my level before i lose it, turn into Ted Kasinski, move ito the woods of Pennsylvania and tattoo the words 'Fuck the World" on my forehead." showcase kind of show....you know? I need a manager or performance agent or producer or someone. I Really really want to do a crazy big show in the next year (I want to do some flying wire act like Celine Dion, collaborate with Stanley Love on a huge dance number, and make a concerted effort to find ways to portray Jessica Simpson in all her glory) but i have to have some backing to do this, and I'm hoping this show will generate enough interest that I can think creatively without worrying about whether i have enough money for my requisite shot of Tequila before the show.

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