Ok a few things.

Ok a few things. one is that if i dont make money this month i am going to have to move from new york...probably become a hooker in louisiana. I'm not even kidding. Its so hilarious this minor D-level of "fame"...i get my stupid face in magazines, people come see me perform, and people give me attitude thinking i am giving them attitude all the time "Oh hello superstar!!" people will say to you if they see you've been in Time Out or some gay weekly. 'Wow youre such a Media Darling!" a friend said the other day with a tinge of judgement in his voice. And then I go home and have nothing ot show for it, or at the end of the show, walk away with fifty dollars. Its kind of incredible. It's very mind-bending. I feel a bit isolated because of it. Just letting you know....trying to connect. I still have that undying urge to communicate, and i just want to throw myself out into the air...

One thing i do love right now, is that i still get emails and mail from guys who have read Hornito. It's pretty much the only encouraging thing right now, since publishers and such arent really embracing me with dollars signs in their eyes right now.

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