It snowed again today.

It snowed again today. spent the whole day indoors.

Do i sound like a blogger right now? God blog shmlog.I am SO SICK of that word. I cant even mention why that word bothers me right now because it involves a frustrating man who happens to be a blogger who i thought was that one fucking focused Aragorn guy with integrity and direction who wanted to try out a whole dating thing with me but i was WRONG once again so i have to be careful becuase i get the sense that those little blogger chitter and chatter and burrow into everything on the internet and somehow forward things to each other and all know each other in this weird huge nest of information exchange.

Fuck who is going to read this anyway. One of the five guys who have read my book and like my writing. Well MAYBE if i act all Mariah Carey-website-breakdown i can even drive my handful of fans away. Good going mike!

Anyway...i missed the protest htis morning but from what i hear my favorite global astral being Machine Dazzle got arrested. I wrote a haraguing email to my brother today, who supports the war...maybe i will include it here, since this is the ruminations page and i am supposed to be doing that:

"yea, see, that's what i think is so sad...because i see the whole peace/war thing in a larger frame...i am voicing my opinion about the situation that it has to be solved by violence...saddam and bush may both be the most equally evil men in the world, yes, but the fact that we have to kill people to solve some stupid straight guy bullshit...i think its absurd how violently some people react when they hear someone is's as if believing in peace and love and humane treatment is destructive and's just, when you look at it, a really twisted way to think. In the end, Bush and his shitheads better be LUCKY that there are people protesting his ideology, because now that everyone in the world hates us, at least we look like we have some sort of free speech. Its good for Bush's makes it look like we don't live in an oligarchy."

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