Circus Amok!

SO, the other night the dazzle Dancers performed at the Circus Amok benefit. It was such a lovely cool scene…a rare moment when I felt like I was in a supportive artistic community…Justin Bond, Dirty Martini, Peggy Shaw, Carmelita Tropicana and others were all there. Everyone with this who-gives-a-fuck joy. Someone at the end called Jennifer Miller, the performer and leader of Circus Amok, a “great American” which is such a cool way to describe her. She is so great and insanely attractive…

Here's my most recent observation -- Not to drag you down with me, but maybe you are like me…at least 17 times a day I am culturally and psychologically steered toward thinking I am the one to blame for my neuroses and problems, especially now with this whole THE SECRET bullshit, I am supposed to think that its MY fault I haven’t been able to settled down in a relationship, and its MY fault I haven’t been able to sharpen my career into some lucrative business so that I could pay off my loans, buy a house and afford veneers. That my oceanic fears for the future of the world, the bees, the iraq mess, all of it is because of my personal worldview which prevents me from seeing beyond it all.

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