Suggested Winter Tunes for my friend EJ

I went to see my favorite singer in the whole world, Katell Keineg, with my friends Carl Ferrero (my supremely talented painter collaborator pal) his bf Andrew Ranaudo (who is in Future In Plastics!) and EJ Hauser, my friend who is also a painter of gorgeously smeary biological imagery. I have gone on too long and too much about Ms Keineg without sounding like some stalker person who she would, in the future, write a song about as the person responsbile for inspiring true fear within her, so i will just say read the essay i wrote about her. (except Ms Keineg if youa re desperately googling yourself right now, i will let you know I loved the new songs, escpecially the one about meeting assholes all over the world and the one about grinding your teeth down from love)

EJ and I have very similar musical tastes and DJed once or twice together at Superfine (one of my favorite restaurants) at an event we called Folk Off. And since this is a space to share to one as well as a mysterious hive of many, we both decided we would list some recent music for eachother to check out on our bloggy blogs. So EJ, (and anyone else who cares) here you are! I am listing artists and specific songs for you to check out, so you can get a taste of them....

Laura Viers "Magnetized"
Judee Sill "The Lamb Ran Away with the Crown" "The Kiss" and "Jesus Was a Cross Maker"
Lhasa "La Frontera"
Mary Lorson and Saint Low "Anything Can Happen"
Natalia y La Forquetina "Casa"
Rachel Goswell "Shoulder the Blame"
Camille "Ta douleur"
HEM "Not California"
Jolie Holland "Crush in the Ghetto"

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