Leona Naess Yr Kewl

how lazy of me....this is the first entry i have plopped down here since my trip to Roma...which ended in such a lovely way when i met this guy at the Termini station and just had a crappy panini at the cafe with him and stared into his promising eyes and felt like life was abounding and all that. Isnt it always my type of timing that i meet someone on the LAST day, at the LAST HOUR i am in romantic Rome. Then i have to go and dwell and ruminate about it all. It supports my continued feeling that existence is made of spheres. and my sphere, my squeaky, oblong balloon of a life, is just a little ill-fitted for the multitudinous layers of singing spheres.

I was goign to keep putting off writing here ...but I was procrastinating as i do while i try to write my screenplay (Todd Downing the director of the Underminer short and i are tryign to make our first full length film...the title is tentatively THIS EXACT MOMENT...) and i was checking to see if any of my favorite singers have anything new...and then i go on Leona Naess's site and she has a new album coming out! OK let me just say that i seriously put her self-titled album on when i sleep at least three or four nites a week. It is so softly perfect. There is nothing wrong with it. 'Words are falling from your lips like Christmas, to my hips" I mean how can you find any fault with a line like that.... its so good that you know when you are listening to your i-pod on "shuffle" and you are never really in the mood to hear certain songs, even ones you like? well i am ALWAYS in the mood to hear her songs. So there i was on her site and read her very honest and fucking subtly hilarious blog and i have no way to tell her how much I love her music except to just gush about it here and hope that in the magic of the internet she will do that narcissistic thing we all do now and again and google her own name and maybeif she has the patience she will see my mention of her, as entry 2,456 or something.

I also found out from her blog that she lives in NYC. So i am hoping that Jazzy NYC will have its way and i will bump into her tomorrow. That sometimes happens here. This city, for all its toxicity and loudness and gradually depleted soul, still has this strange magical chance system...that even people with warped spheres of existence like me can enjoy now and then. Anyway Leona...i think you are marvelous...I loved you before you were King...

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