Who The Fuck are these Undecided Voters!?

its halloween eek. I am one of the three people in the world who is actually afraid of halloween.Not only because i think someone is going to come up and jam a lit firecracker in my eye, but also i just get freaked out by large celebrations. I'm the same way about new years eve...i just don’t like massive celebrations because I have seen too many disaster movies and its right then that something terrible and biblical happens and i dont want to be riddled with bullets while i am wearing some dickhead outfit, insantly becoming an example of American excess.

OK, but here is what i am really here to talk about: lately i have noticed on political talk shows and radio, that "experts" say this phrase "The Democrats seem to have a lead in the polls, but in politics a week is a lifetime, so everything could change by November 7th."

OK, who the crying fuck are these random indecisive voters who just shift their vote with the wind like they are weathervanes? And why do they seem to control, as a voting block, who will lead our country?

So this means that on Election Day, if it is sunny and pleasant, and there isnt a bombing in Iraq, and there isnt a hurricane that floods a predominantly black section of a city, and nobody releases photos of iraqi prisoners being humilated to death, then they will just go ahead and vote Republican because its a good day?

Just once in my life i would LOVE a reason not to feel cynical.

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