Angelina shops at TJ Maxx - June 29 2006

I had a dream two nights ago that i was in TJ Maxx with Angelina Jolie. She was like a new freind and i was completely giddy and dorky about it. Maybe you have dreams about other states of the body that you remember, or repress, or long for. Like how dreams of sex increase in frequency when you havent had it in the fleshy world that often. Maybe i havent felt the thrill of being with someone "popular" in a know? as completely stupid as that sounds...

She needed a gown for a premiere, we walked in and Angelina turned to me with a sly expression and said, "they never notice where i get my clothes." Everyone in the store was, of course, stiff and as upright as nervous rabbits. the entire time i was humming to myself "I'm with Angelina I'm with Angelina!"...she went into the dressign room, and was tailoring and pinning the dress herself, because she is of course a seamstress as well as being the only woman who can save the planet. She came out and had ripped up the dress into a gauzey, deconstructed, diaphanous lime green and blue sort of number. The entire time i was worrying if she actually wanted me around, or if i was supposed to just go away.

I've been reading Carl Jung's "Dreams"...and i know that he and Freud do believe that dreams are a kind of stockpot of the unconscious mind. Of course i am only on the 2nd chapter and i know there is more to it. I did read in Jung's autobiography "Memories Dreams Reflections" how he believed that celebrities are simply ancient archetypes covered with the residue on modern world. They are representations of ancient forces with trash and scum all over them. What is Angelina, then? Mom, probably. It seems too easy to explain the dream as a memory of waiting for my mom at Stretch and Sew, wondering if she will finish shopping and love me more.

And Angelina as a disguised archetype seems too easy too, since she and Brad are the closest to actual deities that stars have ever become, yet. I mean, them, Bono, Oprah. They all seem so powerful and supernatural.

I am so tired of everything being so biblical.

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