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Hi there! So everything is sort of up and running with this website. Thank you to my beautiful and talented designer Blaise K. I really cant think of too much to say right now except that i think i am out of my winter depression. I dont know about you but winter afflicts me with a new, innovative mental illness every year. And then i get through it and come out the other side, and then the next year it comes back in a new configuration as if produced by a Think Tank. This winter it was all about Global Warming, and how the earth is damaged, and how i am damaged. There were conspiracies about how my life here in NYC, in my scrubby apartment, my repetetive nights at bars, my expensive dinners and barely livable freelance magazine wages, my downtown performing, all of that was all flimsy and weak and that I had spent too long doing it and wasn't going anywhere. Rather that i would be a raving drunk, a bitter raisin ranting about gentrification in a window. But last night, with the slightly slivered full moon, i walked through the west village with a very cute guy and smelled what i think was a magnolia tree and saw tulips and observed all the super-rich west villagers with their windows hinged open and felt better. Maybe i can remember this next time. The way out of sadness is through the senses? If you are feeling deadly and despondent, run to a florist and stick your face in a bouquet.

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