Scandal of The Rise of the A Gay

Not that anyone cares, but recently i was assigned to write an article for Details about "A Gays"...and it got so much criticism by people who think i sold out or whatever...i am here to say that #1) the article that was printed had about 3 sentences i wrote, since it was edited and tailored to the magazine and #2) I am so not an A gay. I am probably more of a B Minus gay. or Maybe C Plus these days, because i am not invited to any LOgo parties. #3) the article was a lame, stupid, piece of frippery. I did do a lot of research, got a lot of quotes from people, but they were all cut out. Here's the ugly underside of being a freelance writer...sometime you have to compromise yourself to get a paycheck. Sound familiar? maybe you are a whore, or an actor, or waiter, or IT genius who hates his boss...if you work, at all, anywhere, then you know exactly what i am talking about....regardless, i am not sure the article merited some of the comments, that said i glorified gays of a certain wa so weird that it criticized me and then went on to swallow himself up in his own criticism: "If you've been guppified, that's fine. Honestly, I have been to. I used to spend all night at the Wonderbar, and now I own a Brownstone in Park Slope."

Oh boy...i think if anythign this points out the theme that i still maintain is true. We as gay guys are still SO full of shame and meanwhile we are still the main part of the joke for straight people at large...which is probably the reason this article was edited into the snarky version it wa publshed...No one can handle a gay man who has power and isnt a femmy freak. Part of the reason why a certain newscaster will not come out of the closet supports this bedrock truth about our culture...

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