oh wow, how surprising, a straight talk show host uses richard simmons to make a socially acceptable fag joke and in the process make money

okay, i was waiting for this to happen. I have enjoyed, with a clenched anus, the whole sarah silverman/jimmy kimmel back and forth, culminating in Jimmy's youtube video where he is fucking ben affleck, while wearing a little ascot and cut off jeans. I mean, yea, its funny...but once again, they trot out everyone's favorite gay punching bag, richard simmons, for some further version of the joke


I still maintain, as i did in my article in Out magazine last year, that gay guys are USED by the public as some sort of minstrel comedy release. I challenge anyone to answer this question: why is it that there are no A List gay male comedians or celebrities in the media who arent style gurus? Oh, wait, let me answer that for you: because we are STILL THE JOKE.

I wish so much i could go on that show and stare into Jimmy's eyes, and just say, "you SO would suck cock if you had enough coke." or at least say "wow, hows yr penis after all that youtube stuff?"

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