The Dumbest Sauna Conversation Ever

I just heard this in the sauna:

person 1 (a japanese man): "...which is raw.."

person 2: "I really enjoy sushi"

person 3: "Who invented sushi? The Chinese or Japanese?"

1: the japanese

2: i love salmon

3: i eat wild salmon

1: Japanese make sushi from fish in saltwater, but the chinese eat fish, but they just eat freshwater fish

3: Now, what IS freshwater?

2: its water that doesnt have salt.

3: you mean like as aopposed to the SEA

2: for instance a pond. Or lake.

3: a lake is freshwater?

2: most lakes have no or low salt content.

3: thats what i'm saying! Its not the SEA. the SEA isnt freshwater.

[ed: does this guy wipe his own ass? What a moron!]

1: The salmon used now is mostly farmed.

2: I hear there is a big difference in taste between fresh and farmed salmon.

3: I only eat wild salmon

2: oh really/ what kind?

3: Sockeye salmon. Its smoked salmon. its very wild.

[ed: at that point i had to get out of there before i screamed]

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