Sexual Ebay - April 25th 2006

How do i tell this story without incriminating every single person i know...well, maybe i just dont tell it, and refer you to the 2nd paragraph in my "Help me bisexuals" article in the writing archive to express to you that i had another weekend where my original intention to feel some moment of singularity was splintered. By the end of my insanely new-york-relentless-gay night I felt like i was in a CVS shampoo aisle, dizzied by color and forgetting what i originally came there for...just a nice bottle of Pert. This is the truth about love - If you don't find some guy, and then immediately chloroform him, gouge out his eyes, and imprison him in your bedroom, then you have to accept that your emotional attachments to ANYONE are a part of some complex, ratcheting, accelerated sexual Ebay, where thousands of anonymous bidders are all bidding and cross-bidding and colluding, including you. Another myth we were told as children: that love is serene and calming. And that you "know it when it happens" It is not, and you do not. At least in this world, where every emotional attachment has some sort of built in Apple Computers obsolescence.

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