August 31, 2006

In 2000, I produced a play called Sexotheque. A synopsis of the play is below the links. It had a 12 person cast and all of my incredibly talented friends helped with sets and costumes, including Todd Phillips, who made these three film shorts. Aren't they incredible? He now lives in Amsterdam and is focusing on more scluptural video art pieces. Is that right Todd? The name of his production company and website is sexpot productions...


Leilani Undereye Revitalizer Creme


Nielson Laboratories has perfected a way to hypnotize viewers through the television, enslaving their minds, making them buy specific products, and “forever binding them to the Commercial State.” They have chosen the Sparrow Landings planned community as their prototype. Now Taylor, the Nielson Lab’s mastermind, wants to mesmerize the youngest member of the Turnov family, the 16 year old Mara, enticing her with his show Sexotheque

Sexotheque has been insidiously designed to completely capture her attention – a gyrating dance-pop hip hop show with clean telegenic stars and unapologetic sexuality. Taylor and his assistants at the Nielson Laboratory control the celebrities of Sexotheque like puppets, making them perform anything to keep Mara (and the actual viewers) watching.

During her late night shift observing the Turnov household, Tina Anshaw, a rookie Nielson Analyst, falls in love with Mara. Like a hi-tech Cyrano De Bergerac, Tina tries to contact Mara by speaking to her through the celebrities of Sexotheque. Taylor catches her, and Tina is “colorcast” – turned into a celebrity and imprisoned in the hermetically sealed studio world of the Celebrity Chamber, where stars are slaves to the Commercial State, and there is no escape.

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